Parciloquy the Peculiar

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Parciloquy the Peculiar (age unknown) is a tidy little gentleman of perhaps not-altogether-human origins.

About Parciloquy

His true appearance is unknown; he sometimes takes the guise of a wide variety of creatures. Generally he appears as a one-meter tall man of late-middle age dressed up like a university professor from the 1930s. His general demeanor is of irrepressible affability, though he seems to be easily stung by what he deems a social slight.

By some estimates, Parciloquy is around 3,000 years old. Most of these are wild speculation based on legends and records documenting his presence on this Earth. However, he is quick to point out that he arrived on Earth from another plane of existence already an ancient being.

When pressed for details by his associate Malicule the Meticulous, he deflected the question with a joke about old age. He did assert was born a mortal but has achieved immortality. When asked about the world on which he was born, he again deflected the question.


Parciloquy is a member of the Aurantian Concordat which ushered in the 69th Aeon in the history of the Inevitable Realm of Atlass. While his past is shrouded in mystery, Parciloquy became active as a wizard within Atlass during the later ages of the 68th Aeon. As a scholar, diplomat, and master of the arcane arts, he played a key role in the transition to the 69th Aeon.

It was Parciloquy who first located and revived the Wizard's Tower Door 108, the portal that connects Atlass to 107 other worlds.

Earth Prime

Earth Prime is the universe in which this website exists, and appears to have no connection to the Wizard's Tower. It was only recently discovered by Laddys Fermille by accident.

Fermille and Parciloquy have begun an experiment to bridge the gap between Atlass and Earth Prime through the generation of extreme, yet finely-tuned gravitational fields. Parciloquy discovered a method to astrally project his mind into the minds of susceptible residents of Earth Prime. He and Fermille have begun work in earnest to speed the pace of scientific discovery and engineering in artificial intelligence and robotics through their Earth Prime proxies, Lancelot Squib and Liu Ling.

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