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The Wizard's Tower is a mystery that lies at the heart of 108 worlds, and a place where impossibly different beings come together to solve mysteries and recover artifacts from across a panoply of alternate realities. Becoming filthy rich and amassing god-like powers over reality are just the side-benefits.

Who am I? It's unsurprising that you haven't heard my name, though its mere mention has, in other times and places, been enough to cause paroxysms of fear in billions. Here I am all but unknown, which is probably a good thing considering my ultimate plan is to open a gateway to my world, unleashing what to your viewpoint would be a hellish apocalypse, in my viewpoint will be a grand pseudo-scientific achievement and a rather lovely vacation as well.

The Titular Wizard

I suppose one might say that I am indeed the Wizard, though to say "I live in the Tower" would be at best a tenuous description. The statement "I live" may be a rather tenuous description of the actual reality of my existence. If I were to be honest, I would truly consider myself alive only in the most febrile imaginings brought on by sweet sting of nostalgia. But when even the concept of time itself is but a mere memory, one must cling to memories of days, if not better, then at least more full of the fire of life.

My real name has never been uttered within this reality, and to do so would surely wreak havoc with the very fabric of your universe. So please just refer to me as "Parciloquy the Peculiar". And as it goes, I am also Arcane Master, Xir Imperial Majesty, Doctor of Philosophie, Thaumatourgos Moiras, as well as current Aplistiarch of the aforementioned Tower.

With the help of my trusty manservant Lancelot Squib, I am taking a tiny portion of my personal eternity to bring to you the tales of the Tower. ...And set the stage for a technological revolution in your world that will culminate with the creation of a gateway between my world, the Inevitable Realm of Atlass, and your own.

I find your world, touched by so little magic, amenable to my current temper. It feels good to be an adult male human in your modern world. Of course, the research is invaluable. In all the AltEarths of les Plusieurs Mondes, yours has a joie de vivre that is lacking from the denizens of worlds where miracles do not simply exist within the mind.

Although that seems to be a common thread among the Earths, and it is on that principle that my colleague [[Laddys Fermille] and base our ability to transmigrate our consciousness into various and sundry bodies of humans in your world. As I type this, my real body rests, floating in the sensory deprivation tank deep within my manse Portchateau.

Alas, the Inevitable Realm of Atlass is a universe which is collapsing in upon itself due to the weight of all its magic. When considering time travel, magic has been practiced at a high level by intelligent beings for much of it's history.

Currently, in the 69th Aeon our universe is dying a cartoonish death as the sun slowly sputters as if it were a massive incandescent light. Literal demons roam the land and I find it a figurative miracle that any humans survive outside the few remaining cities considering humanity is far from the top of the food chain.

One could say, my obsession with your world may or may not also be influenced by certain debts incurred among some of my Fellows of the Aurantian Concordat. In any case I am quite enjoying both your world's seemingly endless fascination with wine and the drama of this age's flirtation with nuclear annihilation. Quel excitement!

The Worlds of the Wizard's Tower

The Tower contains 108 Doors opening to other worlds. You might say it's something of a cross-roads for each, or at least it was in some strange, distant past.

Being a gateway to 108 different worlds greatly simplifies the procurement of magical artifacts, as one versed in the relative difficulty in opening such a portal entails. Whoever happens to wear the mantle of Aplistiarch (and thus has control over the Tower) gets to keep whatever happens to be found during the time of their stewardship, making the whole affair rather lucrative. If there's one thing We Fellows are obsessed with, it is the procurement of exciting and powerful objects.

Alas, leaving behind the odd death trap or soul-consuming phantasm has become something of a tradition when the Tower changes hands. As if it weren't difficult enough to find a solid crew of trans-dimensional treasure-hunters. My long absences spent becoming a capitalist billionaire in the name of creating the Singularity and updating wiki pages in your world severely curtailed my efforts at directly intervening in the affairs of my treasure hunters. But they're of the type accustomed to winging it.

This tome is a compilation of facts about these 108 worlds: histories of their civilizations and some of the more notable beings from each.

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