Malicule the Meticulous

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Malicule the Meticulous (birthdate unknown) is a a very tall and very skinny gentleman of very advanced years who notices everything (especially social slights) and catalogs each one within his supposedly-photographic memory. He's naturally timid, perhaps even cowardly, which often leads to him indulging in his hallmark passive-aggressive notes.

Currently, he has made it his goal to catalogue each moment that has ever existed. To that end he has left no stone unturned in the pursuit of magical devices to aid him in his obsession, as such a task is otherwise physically impossible.

The Aurantian Concordat

Malicule was a founding member of the Aurantian Concordat, helping to usher in the 69th Aeon of Atlass.

Tower Research

Malicule was the first of Aurantian Thaumaturge to conduct formal research into the physical and thaumatic properties of the Tower. He was elected to the task by his fellow Aurantians who had become split on the mystical consequences for the world of Atlass. One faction of wizards believed the Tower represented an escape for them from their universe's incipient demise, while the others believed it was at the heart of their universe's demise.

Malicule's work uncovered a great deal about the functioning and physical properties of the Tower and is responsible for the restoration of a great deal of the underpinning thaumatic theory and philosophy that had been lost to wizardry in recent aeons. However, it was his astronomic observations and formulation of the Gemini Theorem that won him his greatest accolades from his Aurantian peers.

From 981 until 1138 69A Malicule mounted several research expeditions through several of the doorways, having numerous overly-exciting and near-fatal adventures. During his travels, he noted the manifold similarities in each world, down to the presence of the same species of flora and fauna in each one. Through his astronomical observations, he noted two distinctly different universes, the universe of Atlass and that of Terra (Earth). He chose these as the evidential basis for his Gemini Theorem, but it was until a few millenia later that Laddys Fermille would prove it beyond a doubt.

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