Liu Ling

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Liu Ling (born February 29 1984) is originally from Galveston, Texas where she lived for much of her life. She attended the University of Texas from 1996 to 2001, earning a master's degree in nursing. Soon after she went to work in her father's medical practice, where she worked up until her acquaintance with the extra-dimensional wizard Laddys Fermille.

She currently resides in Happy Valley, Oregon with Lancelot Squib as roommate when they are not being mind-controlled by the wizards of Atlass. She resents the unwanted change to her life brought on by Fermille's intrusion into her body, and feels disgraced in the eyes of her parents due to her spectacular melt-down when quitting. Her father wouldn't let her quit and was telling her to stop being silly. She flew into a rage and levied a host of grave insults (all true) at him, her coworkers, and even a few patients. Then she stormed out sat in an Olive Garden all night crying.

She feels like she can never return to her over-bearing parents, and she's secretly happy about it.

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