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The Inevitable Realm of Atlass

Three million years ago in the future lies the Inevitable Realm of Atlass, a wild and fantastical world where the past meets the future.

A dim, savage planet in its final days where muscly barbarians, evil sorcerers, and wandering rogues roam an empty world comprised mainly of tiny settlements separated by long, monster-haunted expanses and the ruins of ancient powers run amok.

The Wizards

Like any proper magical realm in its last days, Atlass is ruled over by a conclave of wizards. While these magic users are bound by the Aurantian Concordat in conducting their affairs, their rules deal mainly with conduct amongst themselves. Of the few remaining humans left, virtually all governing occurs at the local level.

Purple Skies

The flora and fauna of Atlass represent a wild variety from all ages within its past thanks to the vast genetic engineering and cloning projects conducted during the 67 Aeon. Atlass often seems like a primordial paradise, but with the drastically shortened days of pale blue that fade to hours of deep purple and eventually black, that illusion is quickly shattered.

In addition to a wild and unpredictable ecology, Atlass is home to large numbers of "forest spirits" - in fact a thriving community of magical beings living within the forest. Some, like the Pixies, are willing to trade with humans. However, most have a predatory attitude toward humans at large. Some will go out of their way to hunt humans.

The Malaise of the Last Generation

The people of Atlass are the descendants of roughly 690,000 years of human (and humanoid) history and civilization. The appetites of humans have not abated over the aeons, however the collective will of humanity seems to have weakened to the point where war is almost unheard of because nobody cares enough to bother.

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