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Baldar the Vergouile Slayer is a thick-muscled barbarian from the southern wastelands of the Inevitable Realm of Atlass. He came to his magical talents as the result of a wish spell that transferred the power and vitality of a mighty wizard of the 41st Aeon into his body. At that moment the implacable barbarian become a wizard in his being if not in his appearance. He is generally untalented with magic and not entirely bright, but possessing a feral cleverness, astounding good luck and a relentless willpower.

He is nicknamed "the Vergouile Slayer" ostensibly do to his quest to eradicate the bat-winged, flying vampire heads from the face of Atlass. As Vergouile are nearly extinct in the 69th Aeon (thanks in no small part to Baldar's efforts), he is now often observed using his eternal quest to slay every last one of the monstrous flying heads as an excuse when he is caught doing something naughty.

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