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The Inevitable Realm of Atlass

The Inevitable Realm of Atlass is the 108th Door in the Wizard's Tower. It is a world so riddled with magic and temporal paradoxes that it could be described as a dream realm from a scientific standpoint.


As an incredibly old world in an ancient universe, the history of humans and other intelligent races living on Atlass stretches back millions of years. As with virtually all other civilized worlds, the progress of civilization has come in fits and starts. Due to the volatile nature of magic and its ubiquitous presence in the universe of Atlass, this progress has seen even higher peaks and deeper valleys. Indeed some Atlassan scholars argue that were it not for temporal travel, intelligent life on Atlass would have become extinct several times over the aeons.

The historical time periods of Atlass are usually divided in aeons, which seem to begin and end according to a general consensus of its inhabitants. Further complicating the precise and linear dating of Atlassan history is the fact that entire swaths of both history and pre-history appear to have been "written over" by establishment of colonies of civilized beings from the future time periods. Some of the erudite argue that civilization on Atlass is indeed no older than Earth, but appears so due to these temporal colonization efforts.

Generally, Aeons 23-69 are the most sharply focused and studied time periods of Atlassan history. As a sum total, these Aeons represent roughly 3 million years of chronological time. Beginning with Aeon 23, new Aeons are generally marked according to an agreement among the wizards, who at the beginning of Aeon 23 assumed control of Atlass. These Aeons, which generally last around 50,000 years, often track with the natural generational lifespan of each wizardly cohort.

Aeons are divided into epochs, which typically last between 10 to 30 thousand years. Each epoch is further divided into ages, which often last around 2,000 years. The Atlassan solar year is very similar to that of Earth, which has led to similar subdivisions of time in regard to hours, days, months, and years.

Aeon 69

Known as the Last Aeon, it was incepted by the Aurantian Concordat. This aeon is characterized by apparent dying of the sun and chaotic savagery of flora and fauna. Atlass in this age is chiefly populated by intelligent and semi-intelligent demonic creatures which lurk in the vast forests of black trees and deserts of white sand which, along with mountainous canyons, seem Atlass' chief environments of this age. Humanity still clings to existence, aided by the magical devices which are ubiquitous throughout all of Atlass in this age.

Aeon 42

The golden age of Atlass, which saw the full flower of arcane research and application of magical principles.

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